Tuesday, October 11, 2011

secrets #2

i love keeping them to myself.
i feel like people are trying to unravel me and my tangled thoughts.
it feels good. :)

i have no more crush at the moment.
told ya it was just a PMS thingy. -.-"
but earlier this afternoon, i saw him.
and he made that cute face, again - almost melting.
i don't think he has any idea that i kinda like him. :D

i love it when i don't know anything about my crushes.
but i don't have any at the moment.

assignments are piling (is that a secret?).

i am actually suppressing guilt.
i've made mistakes to some people.
i wish i have the courage to say sorry.
i wish i mean it when i say it.

kinda sad but happy.
kinda happy but stressed.
kinda annoyed but worried.
kinda stressed but still smiling.

complicated? that is an understatement.


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