Sunday, October 23, 2011

life as we know it

ahhhh. it's been quite a while since i've updated my blog, ain't it?
some things happened during last week.
and may i think, it is only the tip of the iceberg?
i get a feeling more events/things are coming up. T_T

1) Mister Spatula Ungu suffered from a disease.

Half of its screen was covered with a white light, I can't see what the hell was I clicking. After restarting it several times, I had to admit that he was sick and I had to send it to the doctor. You know how expensive laptop medicines are, right? So, RM350 flown away, but I don't care. At least Mister Spatula is back to normal. Yeayyyyy *hugs*

can you see the light?

2) Educational trips.

It may sound fancy to ya, but lemme add, they were as tiring as ever. I had these trips every day of the week, kot! Selasa, went to watch zapin performance at UM. They danced so gracefully, I kinda adored them. However, the management sucked ass so much that the experience was quite a bitter one. Next, we went to NSTP at Bangsar to have a little literature discussion with people there. It would have been fun if that room wasn't bergema and if we had read Murakami. And on Thursday, we watched the experimental drama organized by AD. It was superb. More theatres like that should be introduced in Malaysia! :)

scary Bill Curtis.

3) Emotional downfall.

Maybe it's just me having my cute little PMS. I got emotional with many people. *sigh* It's bad, right? That's why I have to go home, relax, and avoid seeing these faces for a while. I can never stand UiTM Shah Alam more than a month. It makes me snappy and fragile and spiteful. T___T
Despite that, I still miss my friends. Even though I've only been away for less than 24 hours. :D

so, how to end this? ahhhh, scratch that.

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