Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my sunshine. :)

ak sgt jiwang hari nh. or mybe since smlm? :D
there are certain occasions where, uhm...
feelings ak mcm membuak2 kt bf ak,
and then i'll end up texting lovey-dovey messages to him.
eheh. can't help it la.
sometimes ak pun patot manjekn die jugak, kn? hehe.
oh God, how cheesy i am today! :D

i'm glad my sad days are over.
hari2 ak trase ngn member2, and dorg trase ngn ak.
like i say, "ignorance is indeed golden".
applicable when u encounter someone so thoroughly annoying.
mcm mr. A. and mr. A.
erkh, i guess A stands for Annoying then. :D
so, ko ignore jek org2 cm mereka,
then they end up tak kacau idup ko lg dh.

then, td bce blog cuna.
sgt kesian, die rndu2 kt zarif.
cuna, jgn sedih2 ye. cuz we're always here for u. :)

and today, feelings ak sgt2 neutral.
no grudges. no annoyance. ape2 lah yg negatif.
ungku bgn lmbt pn ak xkesah. :D
eventhough it's raining, i feel so sunny. :)

aihh. cmane la ak boleh snang2 hati nih?
eim hapak pn xbce lg. ulang suare, not a single thing.
PELT apetah lg. hoho.
guess i'll start tonight. :)

to my sweetest people,
family, ungku, kye, cuna, atia, classmates, lelemis, membe2 ungku yg ak knal, etc.,
thank you, you've just made my day.
voluntary or not.
i heart you people. :-*

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