Tuesday, May 18, 2010

blogsearching :D

05.28 a.m. and still not asleep.
dunno why.
maybe sbb tgk cite elm street tu kot.
takut nak tido. meuhuhuhu

maka, saya mencari blog ramai2 org yg ada.
worth reading, followed.
seronok ak baca thoughts org nih. :D
upon reading some, i realize that

1) pretty people can be insecure, too.

2) some ppl whom i never came to like much, have actually many problems to face, and i started to feel guilty for feeling that way to them.

3) some are never what i thought them to be.

perhaps i am being superficial. and judgemental. and bad. :-/
i wish i can be who i am before.
yg tgk semua org dgn positif.
[dah beribu2 kali ak doa benda nh].

oh, sgt lapa sekarang.
mnyesal tak masak maggi.

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