Monday, May 24, 2010


okay, this is gonna be a quick one, since my bro's home and we will like berebut nak pakai internet.

1. test undang-undang lusa, and ak tak bace pape lg. so plz, just pray for me. sbb ku malas sgt nak baca.

2. apa rase eh nak hang out dgn bestfriend kau dr skola rendah? kurasa awkward. :-/

3. saya rindu encik faliq salihan. why? cuz he's a damn good friend for a guy, and die suddenly hilang dr hidup ak mcm ak ade buat salah besar. if i have plz lemme know. my birthday wish two days ago went unreplied, [and dozens of other ppl's too]. where has he gone? i miss him terribly. after all, die sorg je yg pggl ak ata, so tu jek dh prove die pnye special untuk ak. ngeheh. lelems2, jgn rase jeles or what cuz kau org ttp yg plg kusyg n rindu smpy bile2.

4. and encik ungku, saye mmg rindu anda but i'm glad that since we're home we hardly find any time to argue cuz we're too busy missing each other. xoxo

told ya it's gonna be a quick one. out

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..JiHa.. said...

cayunk,bca tau buku tu!jgn x bca lngsung...aku nyaris x bleh jwb sbb x bca sgt.hehe :)