Friday, January 27, 2012


He clearly had no idea how his life would change after he met her on the side of the road that day. It was raining - even the weather was agreeing with his mood. The broken-hearted boy walked along the deserted road when dawn was approaching. Then, he saw her sitting by the end of the road. Just a nobody, he thought, someone I knew from school. Yet, his feet dragged him to her. "Hey," he uttered. She smiled back - quite reluctantly - to his thinking. Surprisingly, he didn't mind. And surprisingly, as much as he loved the rain and the feeling of being alone, he also felt like being beside her. 

He clearly had no idea. In just two years, she strode casually into his life - his lover, his friends, his past... Already he sensed her specialty, and also her feelings toward him - a mixture of crush, care, and just a little bit of hate. No matter how small the hatred was, he resented it. What he really resented more was how often he could not fathom her feelings and reactions. This girl was far from predictable.

He could not remember the first time he ever talked about his problem - about how he hated his one classmate whom he used to love. Surprisingly, she just listened. There was no expression in her eyes, yet he knew she was empathizing. It was magic. It drew him nearer to her. What started as a simple conversation in the restaurant brought to long heart-to-heart talks under the starry sky. He loved to be beside this girl especially when he was broken, as this girl simply knew how to patch things up with only her being herself. Despite that, she didn't know her abilities and this made him loved her more.


She resented that time she met him by the road, one rainy night. She had always resented him, a boy whom he had always observed from afar, always arrogant-looking and always hanging out with girls. She turned her admiration towards resentment, and thus, hated him. Of all times, why now? And why the hell was he talking to her? His inquiries were treated a bit coldly, camouflaged by her smile.

She clearly did not know him. From the start, she saw the clown inside him - the desire to always joke and drew smiles on people's faces. Then, he was also childish and adorable. But slowly, she unraveled his true personality by walking into his life. It must be fate that he once blurted out his problems to her, at the restaurant. And how, since then, they would always lay under the starry sky, talking. Ironic, she thought, the one whom she once adored, then hated, was finally being someone worth enough to be put under her care.

He was foul-mouthed - she was aware of that. Thus, she always, jokingly, pointed this out to him. She loved how he would get mad at her but still talked to her about his concerns. She loved how he camouflaged his feelings towards her, how he occasionally said sweet things to her without him realizing it, how he took care of her and at the same time scolding her. She loved him for his flaws, despite the fact that he always see himself as perfect. She loved to take care of him, repaying how he took care of her, too.

He changed as he knew her, and she changed as she knew him.
He needed her as much as she needed him.
His weakness turned to be his greatest attraction, and her weakness turned to be the one he loved most.
Sure, they have the rarest relationship of all.

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