Tuesday, January 24, 2012

reasons for everything

there is a reason i don't correct your wrongs. it's either 
a) i think you're big enough to see your own mistakes, 
b) i don't want to be too attached to you, or 
c) i just don't bother anymore.

there is a reason i'm being nice to you. it's either
a) i deeply care about you,
b) i'm just playing along with your acts, or
c) i really really look up to you.

there is a reason for my silence. it's either
a) i want to listen to you, and empathize.
b) i think that there is no point of talking.
c) i'm spacing out.

go on, pick your categories.

although i can (i think) be accounted as a quite good listener,
i have a big flaw.
if you did something to me, directly,
i'd lose trust in you.
and eventually, i'll stop caring for you.

but don't be depressed.
i have grown to like you so much,
this entry's tone is to camouflage the joy i'm hiding right now.

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