Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Truth About Winning

"What's with you? Always with that blank stare and vacant smile," said David. 

Ro looked down from the sky, her smile unwashed by the snarky remark. "I'm just reacting to what I see."

"You're not seeing. You're dreaming." David laughed. 

"Aren't dreams good? Dreams are ideals. The best of the best." 

David smirked. "No. I always thought dreamers are losers, y'know? They don't fight for what they want. I mean, I would rather step out of the house, run for the things that matter most." 

"And what are those?" Ro asked, interested. 

"I don't know," David mumbled. "Prolly that girl I've known since kindie. Or that $1000 grand piano. Or my dream job." 

"Your dream job?" Ro giggled. "Then what differs between you and I?" 

"I strive for what I want. You just sit there and dream." 

Ro smiled again. So that's where we differ, she thought. My dreams are enough for me.

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