Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Fool's Whirlpool

Scream as you will and he’ll hug you tighter,
filling your lungs with warm specks of glacier.
Struggle as you want but you can’t fight nature
Of a maelstrom so intense he could break a lover.
A waterfall that soothes but calming never,
A tidal wave so strong he could spin fire.

You could send him a curse with every whisper
Or stab his heart with a shiny dagger.
You could banter, anger, flatter, or jeer,
Hoping he resides with a sorry whimper.
Sooner or later, however,
You’ll find it easier, even painfully better
to not escape this whirlpool forever.


Dedicated to everyone who're stuck with the same old poison.

*Foot note:
This poem was written for Englishjer's #HundredHundred exhibition at Cooler Lumpur, Publika, last week. It was also illustrated by a talented guy (Instagram: @mista_paeh). Thank you for the opportunity!

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