Thursday, August 28, 2014


I always envy those people who can draw using those computer software or mobile applications. I'm stuck with the plain old pen and paper, and if I'm feeling a bit boastful, I'd snap a picture of my artwork and post it on the net or something. Not even a scanner, eh?

To be honest, I do have a scanner. I can download some Photoshop. I can learn on how to use each brush, each stroke, from all those tutorials on YouTube. But all those require effort, and you should never underestimate my laziness. I can draw one thing, decide on inking it, and that's it. I'd feel too tired I'd go to bed straight away. 

Maybe my personal opinion, but I don't think creativity requires effort. It will just magically appear the moment you move your hands and make whatever is in your head comes to life. Then again, maybe those people don't even think Photoshop/GIMP/etc. requires effort, thus the pretty drawings, obviously more sophisticated than mine. T.T

Creativity is too subjective I don't even think you should judge it. You can draw a horse that looks like a cat, and it will look like creativity to me. You can write one short paragraph about today's weather and someone else will always interpret it as something else. Human beings are creative - in whatever it is they do - if only we look long enough we start to see what's behind it.

You know what else is creative and effortless? Your feelings. 


Liyana Othman said...

Love this. I believe creativity relies on the maker/doer. If you believe what you're doing and making is art and it interprets something, even the tiniest bit of something for example, your emotion at the time, it's a work of art regardless of what people say. Creativity is most rewarding to the creator than anyone else. So who cares what the world thinks kan.

One day soon you're gonna get that pen and drawing pad and you're gonna work it cuz you're one of the most creative people I know!

Jenny Fleur said...

^ pandai lukis T_T

spankuning said...

Absolutely agree with you Lin! Creativity, for me, is so much more than art stuff like drawing or painting, or even writing. If my heart feels that's my greatest masterpiece, then that's enough for me. Hee!

Ala Jannah bagi aku matching colours on your face pun creativity. hehe. And your notes are always so pretty <3

Haki said...

PO! You bila pula nak start writing again?