Sunday, January 6, 2013

genderless things.

There's a lot of swearing in this post, so I advise you not to read it.

Sometimes I think boys are boring. I could pour my insights out and all you could ever think of a reply would be: "I find it not nice when a girl says the F word". If you are a good English user, Sir, you would find that Fuck could be a verb or adjective or adverb and it could mean (not literally) a thousand things. Please don't show me that shallow side of you. I'm not interested in your holiness nor I think I am wrong. Your thinking is out-dated, and not to mention, cliche, too. 

When a typical boy reads the above statement, pulak, he'd go on to say: "Girls can be so emotional over trivial matters." Well, Sir, if I told you to go fuck yourself, I hope you won't be offended over such trivial thing. Yeh yeh? :3

Fuck chauvinists. And I'm not mad - I'm just tired of stereotypes. Perempuan mencarut tak elok. Kalau laki mencarut, dah memang perangai dia. Perempuan merokok, sundal. Lelaki merokok dah memang perangai dia. Perempuan marah kata emosi. Lelaki marah, memanglah lelaki baran. Perempuan horny, pelacur. Lelaki horny, dah memang otak lelaki kat kepala takuk. Pungkoq apa.

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