Monday, September 26, 2011

raging hormones

recently my mind and my heart scream two different things.

i kept looking at him and my mind keep screaming

fuck. Fuck. FUCK. Look away, you stupid fuck.
Eyes, Y U no listen to orders?!

then i went all depressed and moody.
not because of him,
but because of all these battles i was having inside.

it's fucking stupid and i hate it T____T

i am having a crush on TWO different guys,
but i'll forget about them whenever i don't see them.

and what's even more confusing,
my mind keeps telling my body to stay away from him,
but my heart keeps moving my feet towards his direction.

i feel like screaming for help now.
i must be going crazy because my body won't follow my orders.

and what's more insane?
my crush on Mister Aries is, suddenly, gone.
what. the. fuck? O_O

i'm gonna end this now.
i blame this solely on my PMS. :D

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